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ACES hosts the 2016 Testimonial Dinner for Newly Licensed Teachers & Criminologists

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Garnering a passing rate of 55.6% for Elementary and 85.71% for Secondary and 53.58% for Criminology, on the recently concluded board exam for Teachers and Criminologists, the Alpha Centauri Educational System Inc., recognizes the success of board passers in a testimonial dinner held at the Le Jardin Pavilion last December 20. Dr. Angelito S. Abadilla and Dr. Mary Ann Medina, Board of Trustee members, graced the celebration with their message of gratitude and congratulatory for the success of each individual present during the event. Dean Paul Leviste of the College of Criminology, shared how happy he is to know that majority of his former students and review attendees are now Registered Criminologists. Dean Alice Occidental, PhD of the College of Teacher Education thanked the board passers for their hard work and dedication in succeeding in the Licensure Examination. Furthermore, she presented pieces of advice now that these individuals has more responsibilities to take as professionals. Also present at dinner were the members of the Administration, Faculty Members and staff. Every board passer is given the opportunity to give a message and share how their preparation and experience came to be for the Licensure Examination. Argel Catamio, an ACES Criminology graduate reiterated his and his family’s gratitude towards the alma mater for all the help and assistance provided in achieving his goals. In addition, Kennedy Gilboy, an ACES Teacher Education graduate and now member of the ACES Faculty, reminisced a funny experience he had during the Licensure Examination. He shared how the proctor misinterpreted his speed in answering as negligence to the examination. Moreover, he stated the importance of taking the examination seriously. Passing the board exam would mark as a stepping stone for a great career, thus every taker shall put hard work, time and effort to achieve success. Review attendees of ACES, were also given recognition and opportunity to discuss their experience. They shared their appreciation for the school in providing great lecturers, great review materials and great sense of patience that despite their shortcomings the school continues to assist and help them the best way they can. The 2016 Testimonial Dinner surely attested to a tradition, a legacy of success and a living testament to the school’s mission:  to set standards and to share expertise.   By: Jeryll Kim B. Mercado ACES...

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Celebrating ACES’ 14th Founding Anniversary

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Last August 15 – 18, 2016, Alpha Centauri Educational System Inc. celebrates its 14th Founding Anniversary. To start of the week – long festivity, students attended a holy mass led by Rev. Fr. Ramil Esplana held at Le Jardin de Fleur. In cooperation with the nationwide celebration of Buwan ng Wika, the first set of activities for the students are all in relation to the said occasion. With this year’s Buwan ng Wika theme: “Wika ng Karunungan, students from both college and senior high are grouped into Manuel Quezon and Leonor Briones respectively. As part of the celebration, different events are participated by the Centaurians. One of these is the Balagtasan (Rap Version) eventually won by the Manuel Quezon group. In addition, events such as Sabayang Pagbikas, Sayaw ng Lahi and Dula are held which are eventually won by the Leonor Briones group. During this celebration, participants managed to showcase their appreciation to the Filipino language reflected through their performances. On the next day, an Academic Amazing Race was participated by all the students. Centaurians are divided into four groups, each representing a particular color. In the first leg of the competition each group must participate in a game called SYMBO – a BINGO – like board game but instead of numbers, chemical symbols are used to fill up each playing board. From then on, the first group to finish will be given a clue in order to proceed to their designated area along with a specific task to be accomplished. This method is continuous and simultaneous with the other group as well. Perhaps the biggest obstacle the students has to surpass was the Mud – Crawl under the scorching heat of the sun. Each member of the group has to crawl in wet mud in order to advance to the final stage of the race. Despite some struggles here and there, the race was a success. In the end, the Yellow Team was declared as the First Prize Winner. As part of the Founding Anniversary celebration, a Sports Festival was held on the 3rd Day. Players and other members of the ACES Community troop down at Iñigos Sports Complex to battle out on different sporting events. The said festival kicked off with a morning Zumba session participated by the members of administration, faculty and students. Players coming from all levels compete with one another on events such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball. Eventually, the 2nd Year level was held as the Champion in Volleyball Girls and the 4th Year level was held as Champions in Volleyball Boys and Basketball both Boys and Girls. It must have been a tiring day for every student but it was fulfilling as well indeed. To finish off the celebration on the 4th day, each class must prepare a booth where they could sell food products for the audience to buy. As part of the celebration, the United Student Council prepared a Battle of the Bands competition open for all amateur, high school and college participants. Each band has to have at least 3 to a maximum of 8 members and must play one OPM Track plus a song of choice in no more than 5 minutes of play for each track. In the end, the band of Pepeng Pinakamalupit was...

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ACES Welcomes OLD and NEW Students

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Alpha Centauri Educational System Inc, opened its gate once again to its students as it officially open the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year. Coming from a two – month vacation, surely has made the members of the ACES Community gleaming with excitement and desire as everyone has their own story to tell and share. Seeing flocks of students gather around, talking, mingling with old faces (and new ones) has brought life to the ACES Community once again. Opening a school year could also meant that there are new faces to welcome and new set of goals to accomplish. On July 4, ACES officially marks the beginning of Senior High class with the specific track of ABM and HUMMS respectively. Orientations are conducted accordingly as the academic year opens. One of its many purposes is to introduce new teachers, as well as students to their new school and to allow them to have a feel of their new environment. With Mrs. Gisela R. Tolcidas, School Administrator, spearheading the orientation with her welcoming remarks, students had the opportunity to meet members of the faculty and other staff which they would be interacting majority of their stay at ACES. Mr. Klybe Aurellana, ACES Guidance Consultant, informed Centaurians of the number of services the Guidance Office has to offer which would help them in fulfilling their goals as students of ACES. Dean Alicia P. Occidental, Ph.D. of the College of Teacher Education, reiterated the importance of doing well and accomplishing good grades as it serves as your mirror of performance while studying. These shall pose an advantage once they reach their time to look for a job and settle with the chosen career. Mr. Alexander E. Medina, Student Affairs Officer, discussed the rules and regulations to follow at inside (even outside) of ACES for students to practice to avoid conflict and chaos. He further reiterated how important it is especially for students to represent the school, and community in a positive light at all times. Also part of the said occasion, is the Library Orientation led by Ms. Mary Grace O. Satoya, Library Assistant. In her talk, she specifically briefed the First Year College and Senior High Students of the Library Guidelines in terms of services, book borrowing and proper behavior inside the premises. Academic year has officially began. – Centaurians are now ready to face the battle ahead. It is for us to see if they will fight a good fight or not.   By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES...

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ACES continues to recognize Excellence

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As the commencement exercise is fast approaching, for every graduating student, taking up the Professional  Licensure Examination is the next big step. Four years in College, four years’ worth of lessons, discussions and studying shall be put into great test in just a couple of days of examining. Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. takes pride in its tagline of “setting standards, sharing expertise” as with the recently concluded Licensure Examination for Criminology and Professional Teachers. This year, the institution obtained a rating of 90.91% and 100% respectively. For the last couple of years, the institution has sustained its great performance for both Licensure Examinations with every year, each result not averaging below 75%. Passing the licensure examination needs involvement from different people and not only the examinee. Yes, much of the work needs to come from the student but the success of each individual must also be credited from the people who helped and backed them up every step of the way. Along with the guest instructors from Metro Manila, Centaurians are taught, trained and educated by outstanding faculty members which continuously provide extraordinary leadership contributions and excellent skills across many areas of education. One of these faculty members is Mr. Kier Gabriel Tampos, who was recently given recognition for his never ending support to the Regional Training 4 and as one of theOutstanding Guest Instructor held last December 2015 at Camp Guillermo Nakar, Lucena City. ACES values giving its every student the quality of education each student truly deserves. And if the result of the Licensure Examination will be the basis, ACES surely does the job. ACES continues to set standards and share expertise.   By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES...

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Deck the halls with Rock and Roll

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Christmas Season is fast approaching that had everyone in anticipation of the Holiday Festivities. As part of the annual celebration, a Christmas Party for students and faculty members as well as the administration and staff is lined up to further feel the joy of the Christmas Season. Donned in Rock and Roll ensemble with black as its major colour to complement this year’s theme: “Glam It Up, Rock It Out this Christmas”, Centaurians and guests partied their hearts out at Eastern Precious Cuisine last December 19, 2015. Soda games and Hep-Hep Hooray Competition are just some of the games participated by the students during the celebration. In addition, each year level competed in ‘Kanta-Kitaan, performing a song number of the famous Christmas Song “Deck the Halls” with one year group emerging as winners taking home cash prizes. During the party, with a panel of judges the most fashionable pair of the night was also awarded as Mr. and Ms. Rock and Roll 2015. It was not only a night for everyone to have fun and to enjoy the season, it was not only a night to spend with friends and love ones before heading out for a vacation. It was also a testimonial event for the board passers of the recently concluded Licensure Examination for both Criminology and Professional Teachers.   It was indeed a celebration marking the end of a good year and in preparation for the year 2016, for the many great things yet to come. Students were treated to a night of non-stop fun as members of the faculty treated the students with intermission numbers and performances that surely delighted each and every member of the audience. By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES...

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13th Founding Anniversary held at ACES

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Talk about the number 13 and everyone would think it’s an unlucky number. At Alpha Centauri Educational System Incorporated, this number meant bigger, brighter, better opportunities and reasons to rejoice. Last August 24 – 26, with the theme ACES @13: Shining Brighter, Getting Stronger, the administration, members of the faculty and students celebrated the institution’s 13th Founding Anniversary. Coming from a long vacation because of holiday festivities, one would think that celebrating the start of the anniversary on a Monday would be next to impossible. As early as 7am participants and spectators wearing their color – coordinated shirts gather around Le Jardin de Fleur in preparation for the Holy Mass led by Rev. Fr. Ramil Esplana.   It’s about quality and not quantity. Despite having a relatively smaller population as compared to other school institutions, Centaurians could take pride on the camaraderie and solidarity of each individual in achieving a common goal. These qualities are manifested once again in the next activity, the Boodle Fight.       By afternoon, activities are all in relation to the celebration of Buwan ng Wika. Students are divided into 2 groups who will then battle it out into multiple events such as: A. Sayaw Ng Lahi (Cariñosa)   B. Patulang Sabayang Pagbigkas   C. Dulang Pagtatanghal   In addition, students also took part on Kalokalike (Manuel Quezon) as well as events such as Tug of War, Living Gallery and Sack Race as part of the Laro ng Lahi competition.   Dressing as a way of life. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.  -Rachel Zoe Dressing for a purpose, 6 males and 6 females from both the College of Teacher Education and College of Criminology walked their way into the ramp for this year’s first ever ACES Next Top Model competition. The ACES community is very much privileged to have respected set of judges, such as Mr. Armand Remojo, grace the event and witness the capabilities of Centaurians to present themselves in a fashion show. MALE CANDIDATES FEMALE CANDIDATES After a deliberate computation of the judges’ score cards, only one representative from the Male and Female category emerged as winners. Mr. ACES Next Top Model 2015:              Angelo Cabile, 3rd Yr Education Ms. ACES Next Top Model 2015:              Joshiel Monreal, 1st Yr Education Aside from the three major awards, every contestant was also gauged on different minor categories, with each category having two candidates emerging as winners.                                                                      Male Category                      Female Category Best in Production Number:                 Angelo Cabile                          Salem Acuña Best in School Uniform:                          Georwin Naynes                      Salem Acuña Best in Sportswear:                                    Angelo Cabile                          Salem Acuña Best in Casual Attire:                                 Angelo Cabile                          Joshiel Monreal Best in Professional Attire:                    Angelo Cabile                          Joshiel Monreal Most Promising Model:                           Angelo Cabile                          Lorie Joy Guce Mr. & Ms. Photogenic:                               Georwin Naynes                      Salem Acuña People’s Choice Award:                           Stephen Eleazar                      Mary Jane Lopez   Decide. Commit. Succeed....

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Centaurians embraces Difference on Acquaintance Party 2015

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Theme: Accept the Difference, Delight in No Picture Perfect   This year’s theme for Acquaintance Party couldn’t be more applicable. With multiple changes happening the ACES community is experiencing for the improvement and betterment of the institution, tonight’s theme is a perfect fit for the school event. It was relatively different from what the Centaurians had experienced last year. Each attendee, is requested to wear a Semi – Formal attire in Black and/or White color to go along with the night’s theme of embracing changes despite of differences and dissimilarities. Unfazed, despite a bad weather already threatening the event, members of the Administration, Faculty, especially students gathered at Le Jardin de Fleur to celebrate ACES’ annual acquaintance party. As part of the occasion’s program, each class has to present a skit for the audience to witness and for the judges to critique based from the following criteria; the class’ Creativity, the Message of the skit, its Consistency / Flow and lastly the Audience Impact. In accordance, a miniature pageant was held to further allow the freshmen students to be recognized and acquainted with one another – hence the Mr. & Ms. Freshmen 2015. Several ‘newbies’ joined but Mr. Jay – R Ryoveros of BEEd and Ms. Alyssa Camille De Leon of Criminology bagged the title for Mr. & Ms. Freshmen 2015. Every year’s Acquaintance Party serves as a good opportunity to gain and be with friends. A welcome treat for everyone to take a break and enjoy even for a short amount of time.   By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES...

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Rotaract Lucena invades ACES

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It was good day for the Centaurians who were glad to accommodate visitors from the Rotary Club of Lucena Circle. Rotary Club has been an organization having several districts all over Quezon, Laguna and other provinces. Eventually, they are now aiming ACES to be one of its district. Rotaract club is an organization for young men and women from ages 18 to 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. Mr. Alfredo Lavarro, a member of the club lead the presentation introducing the club to the Centaurians. Mr. Romeo “Butch” Gonzales the newly elected president, Mr. Andres Abuso as the past president and Ms. Annaliza Visorde as one of the members. He further explained about the club, like the different names entitled for different age brackets. Specifically, the Rotary, Rotaract and Interact. It was then followed by the explanation of the articles of the Rotaract Club Constitution. The article 1: “name” which pertains to the name of the new circle of the club. He suggested that the club to be established at ACES would be best named after the school. The second article is the “purpose and goals”. Mr. Alfredo emphasized his belief that the leadership skills of the Centaurians as future educators and criminologists will be more developed through this organization. The next articles were Article 3: “Sponsorship”, Article 4: “Membership”, and Article 5: “Meetings”. Students who shall engage in the proposed Rotaract of ACES will have meetings that are very convenient for it will be held two times a month at the majority members’ free time. Article 6 pertains to the “Officers and Directors”. Officers are changed annually. Article 7 are for the “Projects and Activities” which the Centaurians paid very much attention. Everyone were excited about the international service that is conducted annually. Article 8 was named “Committees”, Article 9 as “Fees”, Article 10 as “Acceptance of constitution and by-laws, article 11: “standard by laws”, article 12: “Rotaract emblem”, article 13: “Duration and lastly article 14: “Administration”. In addition, standard Rotaract Club By-Laws was discussed and even more elaborated by Ms. Annaliza Visorde. The past president, Mr. Andres Abuso even shared a lot from his experiences being a club member and officer in the past years. In addition to their persuasion were the humorous words that came from the present president, Sir Butch Gonzales. He even offered to help the present project of the school which enlightened the mood of everyone. After every message had been delivered students were given the chance to speak and ask the visitors regarding their own concerns and eventually the guests answered all queries. After the long discussion, persuasion, and elaboration, the Rotaract Club had successfully invaded the ACES community and students have been interested and willing to serve with enjoyment.   By: Catherine Alivia 2nd Year, Education  ...

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ACES conducts Fire Drill

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At least once in every year, fire drill takes place in a particular institution. Though it may seem as only drills, one should take into account the importance of such activity. Last June 26, members of the Bureau of Fire Protection Lucena graced their presence to the community of ACES to address the importance of conducting fire drills, as well as to discuss the “what-to-dos” in case of fire situations.   Tips to remember in case of fire: Don’t Panic – Always keep yourself calm in times of danger. Compose yourself and be confident on what to do. Panic causes you to over-think and overdo things. Alert the others by Alarm – It is important to let other concerned citizens that a fire has transpired. By doing such, measures to take out the fire will be more evident. It also serves as a precautionary measure of what could happen if only a few are aware. Call the authorities – Perhaps the most important, yet the most neglected in the list. Them, being trained professionals makes them more knowledgeable on things needed to be done in case of fire. Letting them know at an earlier time would mean earlier response to fire situations. Look for the best possible way out – Your life means so much more as compared to the material things you own. Focus on your way out, and save yourself on the possibility of burning. Thinking accurately and confidently would result to better results.       In addition, BFP Lucena also shared their knowledge in terms of fire extinguisher. Their different classifications, and their different purposes as well as on how to use them properly. They have given an easier way to remember on what to do with such tool. P – ull the pin A – im at the base of the fire S – queeze the end part of the nozzle S – weep side by side   At the latter part of the drill, students were given a first-hand experience on how to use fire extinguishers. A controlled fire under the supervision of the BFP Lucena were set up, and students were asked to put out the said fire. It was a great learning experience for everyone, which will surely serve beneficial in case the need arises.   By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES...

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ACES Orientation: New Changes to Come

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College is like a fountain of knowledge – and the students are there to drink. Anonymous A new day means a new beginning. As the month of June comes, students of ACES, both old and new along with other members of the ACES community gathers together for the annual ACES orientation held at Le Jardin de Fleur. Ironically enough, welcoming the new school year with great enthusiasm and expectation is Mrs. Bernadette Samañiego, the newest Faculty Member of the ACES Family. Old and new students were present at the orientation to listen and acquaint themselves with school policies, as well as revisions made for the ACES Student Handbook, to further explain the rules and regulations that needs to be followed. Dean Alicia P. Occidental of the College of Teacher Education gave a very inspiring talk that will serve as a challenge not only for Freshmen students, but to everyone. According to her, there are 3 P’s that needs to be remembered and taken seriously, these are: Perseverance Never settle for mediocrity. Always seek excellence. Start now and never later. Allow yourself to continuously learn, in order to achieve greatness. But greatness comes with great responsibility, as the popular saying goes. Be responsible of your own strengths and weakness. Professionalism Common connotation with professionalism is that it only applies to ‘professionals’, and that being a student means having an exception. Centaurians can show their professionalism by simply following rules and regulations, meeting deadlines and producing quality outputs on time. These acts, show great dedication and commitment of being a responsible Centaurian. Prayer Never underestimate the power of prayer. What we do, what we give, what we receive is all because of Him. Let us not forget who created us. Always be thankful of blessings, no matter how small it is. Seize the opportunity to influence and inspire others through example and values. Aside from Dean Occidental, Faculty members were also given opportunity to introduce themselves and let the Freshmen be familiarized with their corresponding instructors. Along with the Faculty members, Ms. Alyssa Paral, the school librarian, were also given the opportunity to discuss the Librarian Policies and Regulations to be observed as the school year progresses. This year’s orientation has served as a formal opening and welcoming of what the school year 2015 – 2016 has to offer. This has also been an opportunity to introduce to the ACES Community, the new set of officers for the United Student Council which hand-in-hand with the administration, will implement new and better changes to witness and experience by everyone.     By: Jeryll Kim Mercado ACES Instructor    ...

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