Nurse Anesthesia Program in the Philippines

 Enquiry how this organization came about, let me cite a brief history of it. At the time when our provincial hospital (Quezon Medical Center) arrived to its expansion and accomplished it last July 2006, the increasing surgical and obstetrical cases were then experienced. Due to the outburst on demands on the said cases, personnel involved on that field was then outnumbered by patients seeking for a quality service, even if, all posts were already taken. Not taking aback nor overlooking to such dilemma,  Dr. Mary Ann E. Medina, Department Head of Anesthesiology in QMC, came up to an idea, a proposal which allowing qualified nurses to enter the science and art of anesthesia, in order to amend the workflow and to deliver quality anesthesia care to its constituents. Dr. Medina discussed it to her co-fellow doctor, Dr. Angelito S. Abadilla, an anesthesia specialist himself and president of school Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc., agreed to what the proposal is all about. After a series of meetings concerning the idea, it was then presented to the PHO of Quezon, Dr. Agripino P. Tullas. Not thinking twice, Dr. Tullas readily accepted the proposal and give his permission also with his full support to the project. After a number of revisions, the final draft has been discussed to Dr. William B. Dy, head of Training Research of Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists (PAMS). To make the story short on Oct. 8, 2010, ACES’ Nurse Anesthesia Program was then approved and recognized by PAMS and QMC as a governing institution became the training grounds for competitive nurses interested to such field with a starting batch of 7 enrollees until to the different batches that followed. To its success, soon it will be branching out in Manila.

PANA came into existence

To give support to the achievement of the project, a governing body must be made to cater the needs of nurses and the specialty and it is in the name of Philippine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (PANA). Its goal is to “develop and promote educational and practice standards that support and enhance cause effective quality anesthesia care for the patients and physicians who serve and provide patient education and information about anesthesia and related healthcare services, promote partnerships and liaison with other healthcare professions to integrate and promote practice and healthcare quality issues, and to provide continuing education information for its members.” The said organization was officially registered in the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission last July 11, 2012 and also been acknowledged by the Professional Regulations Commission. Again to shorten the story, their first executive council organization was held during their pre-launching induction ceremony on Nov. 9, 2012, Lucena City, Quezon Province. Officers were inducted by Dr. Juaqinito Reyes (PAMS-President Quezon Chapter) and the following officers are: President Ms. Rachelle M. Maningas, Vice President Mr. Ferdinand Sangcap, Secretary Mr. Gideon N. Naboye, Treasurer Mr. Jerry E. Reyes and Auditor Mr Lope M. Mamon, Jr.



With the first sets of officers PANA made its recognition into a higher level, when PAMS finally launched its new chapters including our very own PANA on their annual anniversary celebration last Nov. 17, 2012 at Diamond Hotel, Manila. It was attended by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago as the guest speaker of the event giving her inspirational words that set as motivation to the newly announced chapters. Right after the launching PANA held a seminar to invite market and informed interested nurses all about the aims of organization with their great vision on anesthesia practices.


By: John Kennedy E. Gilboy – ACES’ Scholar