Leadership 101: “Ang Kabataang Lider sa Panahon ng Pagbabago.”

Leadership 101 participants from different schools and colleges in Lucena City, Quezon Province.

March 9, 2013 (Saturday), as early as 7:00 o’clock in the morning, representative from different schools around Lucena City had gathered for a leadership seminar. It is organized by the city government of Lucena led by Hon. Mayor Dondon Alcala with its theme, Leadership 101: “Ang Kabataang Lider sa Panahon ng Pagbabago.”

As the theme stated, “Ang Kabataang Lider sa Panahon ng Pagbabago”, it merely focuses on the youth sector as well as on the roles of the youth – as member of society and as an agent that will bring welfare to the entire society, speakers, facilitators and trainors from public and private sectors had joined forces to present us the more complex view of leadership, the people behind a good leadership and the ways on how to achieve our common end. Each speaker emphasized lots of different things about leadership yet it only runs through three important things – the leader, subordinates and plan.


How does good leadership really works?


ACES’ Student Council Officers with the speakers…

For instance, let’s picture as a man. How does a man struggle or what are the basic necessities necessary for him to live? These are foods, clothing, shelter and companion that make a man alive. Man needs something to survive, this principle holds through with leadership. Good leadership needs something to make it possible and these are leader, subordinates and plan that were said earlier. It is the lifeblood of leadership at the same time the fundamentals of it.

Let’s take this one by one.


Leader, as a man of authority, you shall not consider yourself alone, there are people who are always under your control, so you shall always be responsive because every decision of yours has always an end result to you and to your people. Basically, before considering yourself as a leader you must know yourself before anything else. You must know your personality, your skills, talents and capabilities, your weaknesses, everything that makes you, you, whether good or bad. You must be aware of it and you shall accept it. A good leader is then born within yourself. You can now lead a group with enthusiasm to create something out of you.

Subordinate(s) is another essential thing to complete a good leadership. Every subordinates shall be competitive as their leader, supportive and well-organized, those are things we expect from a group of people to be lead by someone. Coordination among members of the group and between the leader is necessary to their decisions to make.

Lastly, the plan. Let say this is the tool that makes every leadership successful. Plans are the end product of those brilliant minds behind every leadership. These are set of ideas, designs, and perspective of a group with its common end-success.

Ang Kabataaang Lider sa Panahon ng Pagbabago.

All in all those three are the basic things the seminar wanted to tell us. After two days of seminar, we had gained and established enough knowledge to start before the end of the seminar a core group was made prior to us.

The seminar was attended by fourteen schools namely: ABE, UCC, AMA,St.AnneCollege,SacredHeartCollege,St. AugustineCollege, CEFI,InterglobalCollege, City College of Lucena, Datamex,CollegeofSt. Bernard Clairvaux,STICollege, SLSU Lucena and our very own Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc.


By: John Kennedy E. Gilboy

ACES’ Scholar