Historical Account of ACES

Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. began in 2002 when a group of Medical Specialist in Lucena City collectively responded to the urgent demand to establish a training center for caregivers. In coordination with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the group started the institution under the franchise of Center for Healthcare Professions, or CHP as it was formerly known, on same site where it is presently located, at K18 Diversion Road, Ilayang Dupay, Lucena City.

This is but one of the beliefs Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. is upholding, to make education a learning experience to its every student thus making them learn the most of what they need in their chosen profession.

CHP-Lucena started with approximately 60 students, both for the morning and afternoon classes. The following years proved to have delivered promising results, ushering unto Medical workforce a handful 600 caregivers deployed both in local areas and in international communities. This development prompted its Board of Trustees to open its doors to three other new members, who, along with them, believed in the nobility of the purpose of providing opportunities to individuals to carve their own niches in the society through a well-rounded caregiver training program.

The year 2008 marked an important milestone for the institution as it embarked on a new challenge of offering Preschool Education under the regulation of the Department of Education (DepEd). Along with this development, what was formerly known as CHP has now expanded and transformed into what it is now, Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. (ACES, Inc).

In 2009, ACES, Inc. created another two major leaps in the field of educational market as it relentlessly pursued the idea of opening up degree programs for BS Hotel and Restaurant Management and BS Criminology under the regulation of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Living up to the gleam of its name, Alpha Centauri, the brightest star in the southern constellation, ACES Inc. continues to lead in education industry with vigor and determination, fostering commitment to service, unity, excellence and integrity in Southern Tagalog Region.