Graduation Tassels turned at ACES’ Commencement Exercises

It seemed like yesterday when this group of students entered the ACES vicinity looking apprehensive and lost. Four years has come and go and you wake up one morning realizing it’s time to graduate. They say when something has to end, all your memories flashes back and you end up doing nothing but to feel nostalgic.


Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty Members and Staff with the Batch 2015 graduates.,


Last March 31, sixteen individuals participated at the ACES’ Commencement Exercises held at the Le Jardin de Fleur. It was their day. It was their opportunity to feel accomplished and appreciated. It was their chance to say that they’ve survived four years of college. Overall, 13 graduates coming from the Bachelor of Science in Criminology, 1 from Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education Major in Elementary Education, 2 from Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education Major in English.  In addition, 6 members of the Nurse Anesthesiology Program were also given recognition for their efforts and contribution upon participation and completion of necessary requirements.


Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty Members and Staff with the graduates of Nurse Anesthesiology Program.

Representatives from both the College of Criminology and College Of Teacher Education: Mr. Robin Padillo and Ms. Irene Lontoc respectively paid tribute to the group of people who supported them, day in and day out all throughout their student life. Both of them took the opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude for their family, professors, friends and Alma mater. Stating that now, it’s their time to give back all the efforts and sacrifices these people have given them.


L-R: Ms. Allarey; Dean Occidental; Ms. Datingaling; CSupt Mercado; Mrs.Villoso; Mrs. Pardito; Ms. A. Nania


Dean Alicia Occidental with Academic Awardee Catherine Alivia and her parent.

Yes, it was a day for the graduates. But it was also a day to give notice and recognition to undergrads who managed to showcase excellence in academic and other institutional activities. During her speech, Ms. Rechelle Moron, undergrad representative gave gratitude to the teachers who served not only as mere instructors but mentors as well. She emphasized how these people made an impact to their student life, believing in their capacities when no one else did.


ACES President Dr. Angelito Abadilla, MD

With vivid memory, the guest of honor, ACES President Dr. Angelito Abadilla, MD shared a story of how a man managed to help 3 different individuals in need of immediate help without compromising the situation of each, including his.  He stated how this man, despite being in a precarious situation, managed to think outside the box, finding a solution to each of the problems presented.

Dean Alicia Occidental of the College of Teacher Education reminded fresh graduates that life outside campus is different to what they’re accustomed to. It requires maturity of an individual in order to perform duties and responsibilities they will be asked to do. Work requires passion and determination. It is an obligation.


Group of College of Criminology graduates.



College of Teacher Education graduates.

Being a college student is tough for most part, but the real challenge is the world outside the four corners of a classroom. Situations are tougher; challenges are harder, that it demand individuals to be stronger and smarter. Life itself is a challenge for people, with the outside world just waiting for these graduates; it would be their advantage if they can emulate what the man in the story was able to do.


“As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own”.

– Michael Dell

Jeryll Kim Mercado

ACES Instructor