Centaurians took part in the BIG CHANGE of our country’s future… (Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo – an ABS-CBN advocacy program)

January 18, 2013, on a breezy Friday morning, Sacred Heart College gymnasium was filled and awakens by mass of students coming from school, campuses and college institution around Lucena City. Concerned youths (those qualified voters) from different schools had gathered to the said place to participate on a forum concerning good governance and wise election, headed by the ABS-CBN’s Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo team.

Photo by: Eduard Desuasido Mancilla


“Quezon, Tayo na”, with this theme, BMPM literally speaks on us Quezonians, we were asked to act as one on doing our roles and responsibilities as a Filipino citizen, especially this upcoming election. The event was started by a flash from the students of Sacred Heart College, Interglobal College and STI and right after it a roll call on the schools who’s participating the event. After of several adrenaline-boosting activities, formal discussion was then started.

Photo by: Eduard Desuasido Mancilla

            To shorten up the story, representatives form government and private agencies brought their selves to Lucena with fully-filled pocket of things to tell and explain regarding our responsibilities before, during and after the election. Usual problems on election such as unresolved problems due to lack of knowledge and discipline of voters and related problems were discussed every single details. Everyone was oriented to solution to resolve such. As the discussion grows longer every speaker speaks for their agenda but one thing that is common to them is that they are trying to pinpoint and trying to convince every listeners to do what is right and what is must.


By: John Kennedy E. Gilboy

ACES’ Scholar