Bachelor of Elementary and Secondary Education

The Bachelor of Elementary and Secondary Education (BEED and BSED Major: English & Mathematics) at ACES recognizes the need to equip teachers with a wide range of theoretical and methodological skills that will allow them more option and greater flexibility in designing and implementing learning environments that will maximize their students’ learning, once they are in the teaching service.

This program design features include various components that corresponds to the basic and specialized knowledge and skills that will be needed by a practicing professional teacher.

Skills you develop in this course:

  • Effective classroom teaching to varied audiences in terms of subject matter
  • Effective use of common instructional aids, including audiovisual techniques
  • Ability to help students understand the general principles and concepts underlying a particular lesson
  • Ability to explain both basic and difficult concepts clearly
  • Ability to put a specific lesson into larger context
  • Ability to adjust lesson plan based on info garnered from student questions
  • Ability to foster an effective learning environment including showing respect for the student, encouraging their intellectual growth and providing a role model for scholarship and intellectual vigor


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