Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education

The Ladderized Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education Program (Major: Food and Service Management) is the preparation of teachers in technical-vocational education and training (TVET) and higher education institutions who are equipped not only with strong theoretical understanding of teaching and technology, but also with practical exposure in industry. Specifically, it is expected to produce teachers who can assume the following major roles:

  • effective synthesizer of organized knowledge to allow analytical and critical thinking;
  • efficient promoter and facilitator of learning to enable the learners to develop to the fullest their potential for a continuing pursuit of self-education;
  • committed humanist whose clear understanding and appreciation of human ideals and values inspire learners to reach greater heights of human aspirations;
  • model teacher imbued with proper work attitude and values as practiced in industry; and
  • nationally certified trainer in his/her field of specialization.


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