ACES preschool kids’ nutrition month celebration

ACES preschool kids’ nutrition month was celebrated last July 19, 2013 with their respective families because here at ACES, we believe that a healthy child begins at home with their own family. The day was started with a parade with their family bringing with them their own slogan about nutrition month.  The rest of the day was filled with fun-filled surprises, games and lots of nutritious food that were prepared by each family and shared by everyone.

We invited a Nutrition Specialist, named Mrs. Ma. Ana O. Villoso and according to her preschool children needs proper nutrition to fuel their active and growing life. Provide them with healthy, balanced diet and be a model of healthy eating habits too. Give children sufficient amount of whole-grain foods, colorful vegetables and fruits, high protein, high calcium and high iron foods. But then limit the amount of sugar and salt intake.


She also mentioned to the parents of our preschool kids to always remember that as their parents they are the most influential teacher. Therefore, model healthy eating for our children. Eat the foods that you want your children to eat. Eat together as family and bear in mind that proper nutrition for your children helps prevent diet-related diseases when they grow up.