ACES holds Open House Career Orientation

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

                                                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela


With every goodbye, comes a new beginning. As the 4th year high school students bid adieu to their senior status, comes the opportunity to study in college welcoming these graduates with open arms.

Last March 21 (Saturday), ACES welcome students and guests from different schools for the Open House Career Orientation.


Career Orientation guests and attendees

With great enthusiasm, the community of ACES met with aspiring college students to present and discuss to them the importance of pursuing education and how this will enable them to have a brighter future.

Multiple guest speakers were present for the event, each of them encouraging and sharing advantages, as well as experiences of what it’s like to be part of the ACES community.

Dean 2

College of Education Dean

Dean Alicia Occidental of the College of Education, who has been in the field of teaching for several decades shared how fulfilling and rewarding it has been for her to witness young individuals (including her previous students), then and now show eagerness to pursue studies despite circumstances. In addition, she has also given her take on the significance of three valuable things that people normally takes for granted.

  1. Time.

Lack of time has always been an excuse for many to why things are not fulfilled and accomplished. Lack of time is impossible. Lack of proper time management is.

  1. Opportunity.

As the popular saying goes: “opportunity knocks only once”, but then again, isn’t everyday an opportunity to chase your dreams and become better?

  1. Spoken Words.

Words. How powerful can they be? They can only be forgiven, but never be forgotten.

With her great experience in the field of teaching, she has given importance on education that is not only restricted on the four corners of a classroom, but as well as education on life itself, on how it impacts the overall growth of an individual.

Dean 3

College of Criminology Dean

Dean Paul Leviste of the College of Criminology has given emphasis on the wide variety of opportunities awaiting these aspiring college students. He has shared how he, himself has used his knowledge and education to inspire and teach in multiple fields. He pointed out further, how a graduate of Criminology course has the ability to enter different fields of expertise depending on personal preference. He has explained that an individual’s capacity to succeed is not constrained into one, but into a diverse number of capabilities.

Sir Migs

ACES’ Marketing Officer

Mr. Miguel Geneblazo, ACES Marketing Officer, discussed to students and guests the different courses to choose from ACES is offering. He has tackled the benefits and opportunities awaiting them once they’ve managed to enroll. Along with these, he has also presented the different scholarship programs ACES is offering for interested applicants.

For others, education is a choice. But for some, education is a privilege. Being educated has opened multiple chances and opportunities for those individuals who manifest eagerness to learn and who dared to challenge themselves to be better versions of themselves. After all, the desire and willingness of an individual to study, depends on his desire to learn.


By: Jeryll Kim Mercado

ACES Instructor