ACES conducts Fire Drill

At least once in every year, fire drill takes place in a particular institution. Though it may seem as only drills, one should take into account the importance of such activity.

Last June 26, members of the Bureau of Fire Protection Lucena graced their presence to the community of ACES to address the importance of conducting fire drills, as well as to discuss the “what-to-dos” in case of fire situations.

Members of BFP Lucena with ACES students.

Members of BFP Lucena with ACES students.


Tips to remember in case of fire:

  1. Don’t Panic – Always keep yourself calm in times of danger. Compose yourself and be confident on what to do. Panic causes you to over-think and overdo things.
  2. Alert the others by Alarm – It is important to let other concerned citizens that a fire has transpired. By doing such, measures to take out the fire will be more evident. It also serves as a precautionary measure of what could happen if only a few are aware.
  3. Call the authorities – Perhaps the most important, yet the most neglected in the list. Them, being trained professionals makes them more knowledgeable on things needed to be done in case of fire. Letting them know at an earlier time would mean earlier response to fire situations.
  4. Look for the best possible way out – Your life means so much more as compared to the material things you own. Focus on your way out, and save yourself on the possibility of burning. Thinking accurately and confidently would result to better results.
    Member of BFP Lucena.

    SF01 Jose Luzentales of BFP Lucena.

    DSC_0038 (2)

    FO1 Kirk Ivan Hugo of BFP Lucena.




In addition, BFP Lucena also shared their knowledge in terms of fire extinguisher. Their different classifications, and their different purposes as well as on how to use them properly. They have given an easier way to remember on what to do with such tool.

P – ull the pin

A – im at the base of the fire

S – queeze the end part of the nozzle

S – weep side by side

ACES Student taking out a fire setup by BFP.

ACES Criminology Student taking out a fire setup by BFP.


At the latter part of the drill, students were given a first-hand experience on how to use fire extinguishers. A controlled fire under the supervision of the BFP Lucena were set up, and students were asked to put out the said fire. It was a great learning experience for everyone, which will surely serve beneficial in case the need arises.


By: Jeryll Kim Mercado

ACES Instructor