ACES celebrates 1st Foundation Day

Tension is rising. Atmosphere was a bit nerve-wracking. From students to faculty members, from administrators to board of trustees; everyone was in anticipation of what was about to happen. It was the first for everybody.

It seemed like a “triple-threat-treat” for every member of the school, it was a celebration of not only one affair but three events allowing everybody not only to give honor but to have fun as well.

Last August 29 and 30 Alpha Centauri Education System Inc., celebrated its first ever Foundation Day. Starting with a mass lead by Fr. George Vargas followed by the blessing of each classroom then a motorcade showcasing the pageant candidates and students with their cos-play attires, it was a great opportunity for people outside to see and take notice of the school’s festivities.

Mass 1

Holy Mass lead by Fr. George Vargas

Motorcade 1

Motorcade Participants

Cosplay 1

Criminology student dressed as Joker

First is the celebration of Buwan ng Wika, and in honor of this, several competitions were held for students to showcase their creative abilities, as well as their verbal and written skills with the use of Filipino language. Here is the list of winners on their respective categories:

Pagsulat ng Tula:               Eldrin Arojado

Pagsulat ng Sanaysay:       Riza Espiritu

Patimpalak sa Debate:      Jun Alvin Asoy

Pagbigkas ng Tula:             Michele  Legaspi

Kasuotang Pilipino:            Christian Salvan (Lalaki); Michele Legaspi (Babae)


BnW Duo 1

Michele Legaspi & Christian Salvan

BnW Duo 4

Mark Villanueva & Chika Chintes

BnW Duo 3

Jaylyn Zuñiga & Patrick Garcia

Apart from the above mentioned categories wherein a specific individual is given recognition for his/her contribution, there were also three competitions wherein two different groups battle it out through singing, dancing and choral reading. It was a great place for them to demonstrate their camaraderie and unity through presentations and performances. Here are the other winners on their respective categories:

Sabayang Pag-awit:               Huseng Sisiw Group

Sabayang Pagbigkas:             Huseng Sisiw Group

Katutubong Sayaw:               Huseng Sisiw Group

BnW Sabayang Pagawit

Balagtas Group in Sabayang Pag-awit

BnW Sabayang Pagbasa 2

Huseng Sisiw Group in Sabayang Pagbasa

BnW Katutubong Sayaw

Huseng Sisiw Group performing a Katutubong Sayaw

With competition in mind, it’s but natural to associate it with Sports. Hence, the second event, ACES Intramurals was held. To open up this occasion, a morning aerobics session was attended by students as well as members of the faculty and administration.

Aero Group 1

Aerobics session lead by Mr. Miguel Geneblazo

Each level had their own representatives battling it out in different sports categories, each trying to out-skill, and out-smart their opponents. It was intense at some point, only proving that ACES students are competitive by nature.

Intrams Group

Sportsfest participants with Dean Leviste of Criminology Department posing for a photo.

Here is the list of winners on their respective sports categories:

Chess:                                          Nick Marientes

Scrabble:                                      Lara Alvarado

Table Tennis:                              Anthony Borja

Basketball Boys MVP:              Angelo Rabe

Basketball Boys:                       3rd year Criminology

Volleyball Girls:                        2nd year Education

Best in Attendance:                 3rd year Criminology

The anticipation for the main events during the Foundation Day had everyone filled with mixed emotions. If the first two celebrations allowed participants to demonstrate their competitive side in terms of written, verbal and physical skills, at night, it was the time for the female students of ACES to show their beauty and brains for the first ever Ms. ACES 2014.

As day turns into night and as people starts to occupy seats, emotions start to heighten for each member of the community. With the atmosphere noticeably changing from excitement to anxiety and as silence surrounds the vicinity everyone knew that it was the time for the big event.

Nine ladies coming from different levels found themselves walking and displaying their stuff in front of a panel of judges and supporters who are all eager to witness their beauty as well as their confidence and mental ability in the Question and Answer portion.

Hannah Poblete

Leslie Ngujo

Catherene Alivia

Ruth Nadres

Hanelyn Pedagloria

Reziel Bulahan

Christine Quibral

Mary Grace Ayaay

Marielle Tanggaan

After the judges’ scores were tallied for the Question and Answer portion, those taking home top honors and crowns for Ms. ACES 2014 were:

2nd runner – up:       Ms. Proxima Centauri                 Mary Grace Ayaay

1st runner – up:        Ms. Beta Centauri                        Reziel Bulahan

Grand Champion:      Ms. Alpha Centauri                      Ruth Nadres

Ms. Aces Winners

Aside from the three major awards, every contestant was also gauged on different minor categories, with each category having one candidate emerging as winner.

Ms. Photogenic:                                     Reziel Bulahan

Best in Talent:                                         Ruth Nadres

Best in Production Number:               Ruth Nadres

Best in School Uniform:                       Marielle Tanggaan

Best in Sportswear:                              Catherine Alivia

Best in Casual Attire:                            Mary Grace Ayaay

Best in Creative Attire:                         Marielle Tanggaan

Best in Evening Gown:                          Reziel Bulahan

Alongside this pageant, another first ever for the ACES community is the search for “The Voice 2014 ACES Edition” where students with good singing capabilities serenaded the audience with their beautiful voices singing their favorite songs. It was a treat for everyone to witness talented students belting out high notes for the amusement of spectators. Nine contestants competed for the title but only one emerged victorious.

The Voice 2014 ACES Edition:      Aila Mariano

It was a busy week to say the least. Each and everyone had been preparing for these celebrations. The school had a different look during the Foundation Day. Classrooms were transformed into different booths by the students each offering different source of fun for every member of the community. Jail Booth, Marriage Booth, Horror House and Videoke Room are just some of the options available to choose from.

It was a grand celebration that allowed participants to display their competitive side; it was a great occasion to relax and enjoy before dealing with examination and major requirements; it was an opportunity to give credit and honor to what is due.



By: Jeryll Kim Mercado

ACES Instructor