ACES Acquaintance Party 2014

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ACES Acquaintance Party 2014 Theme

“We should all know each other not only by names but also by heart.”

– Dr. Angelito S. Abadilla, ACES President

Last July 12, 2014 the Alpha Centauri Educational System, Inc. held its annual Acquaintance Party attended by the school’s administration, faculty, students and other staff members.

With this year’s theme: “A night to remember, be acquainted with one another”, it aims to allow members of the institution, including the students to develop unity, camaraderie and companionship in preparation for the upcoming school year they will be facing together.

A very well anticipated event especially for the Centaurians, this was a great opportunity for everyone to mingle and really get to know each other. This was the night for other students to help lower batches to get accustomed with their new surrounding ; this was the night for everyone to be with friends, and to make new friends.

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Freshmen Centaurians... WELCOME to the ACES Family

Freshmen Centaurians… WELCOME! to the ACES Family

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As part of the said event, students per course and batch took part in performing special intermission numbers, as well as, programs such as Mr. and Ms. Acquaintance 2014 in line with the event’s theme, which encourages unity, cooperation and enjoyment.

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It was a great night for every Centaurian. It was filled with good music, good food and good friends to share laughter and stories with. It was indeed a night to remember.


By: Jeryll Kim Mercado

ACES Instructor